alabamapicard (alabamapicard) wrote,

Hydroponics Specialist's New Log, Entry 1

The old log was destroyed in the recent raid on the Hydroponics Bay, so it's time to begin anew. Gosh darnit, I miss the days when Lt. Daremo helped protect the bay, but he was long ago captured by evil alien forces. Or distracted by something shiny. Can't remember which. Also had Ensign Chida helping me out for a little while, but the obsession he had with them black roses was a little creepy. Kept a few of the roses though; quite rare, you know.

I don't think I've been off the ship for a decent leave in a long time... in fact, for awhile I've been staying in the bay as much as possible, trying to prevent threats to the ship's oxygen supply (and certain other supplies), which given the ordeal's the ship's been in is an important thing to do. But as a side effect, I've mostly been talking to the plants. Might've made me a bit funny in the head, I'm not sure. On the other hand, I think I've come up with several neat things you can do with Romulan hops.

I decide to leave the bay for two seconds, just to try to remember how to have a conversation with another person... which was a very pleasant interchange between me and whatsername. Then I come back to see the special bay destroyed, as well as the vegetable bay. Fortunately, I guess, the oxygen supplying plants received the least damage. You don't get much out of'em when you smoke'em, and they don't taste much good either.

Now gotta get new supplies, new seedlings... and preferably, an old fashioned sawed-off and a very large dog with big pointy teeth.
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