alabamapicard (alabamapicard) wrote,

Hydroponics Specialist's Log 2: So much for the large dog with pointy teeth

Capt. Storvik had kindly responded to my request for additional security by giving me lothar to guard the door. Mind you, he hadn't been moving in awhile, but he's still intimidating enough to most folks that he's kept most people away.

In the meantime, I remembered a conversation I had with Lothar... well, as close as one can get to conversation with him.... when I was trying to make sense out of an issue of Transgalactic Cosmopolitan. (Is this really what 80% females of the galaxy read? I can't make heads or tails of it.) I was mostly enjoying the pictures at that point... I mean, they get away with some stuff Playbeing doesn't, if you know what I mean... when Lothar pointed to a fashion ad and reported "Pretty dress!"

Then he ate my magazine. But that's neither here nor there.

So anyway, I decided Lothar might be interested in helping me figure out what pretty dress to wear to the New Year's Gala, since I haven't any idea. I suppose him wearing a pink dress made him less intimidating looking, 'cause now he's disappeared.

Question is, do I go look for him, or get out the sawed off energy rifle and guard my precious tomatoes from violation?

That came out all wrong. You know what I mean.

Incidentally, I been thinking about it, and Lothar's coloration and mine are nothing alike, so using him as a test mannequin might not've worked anyway. And I don't think pink's a great color for me or him. I wonder what he'd think of a nice pastel blue...

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